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Diesel generator sets usually have four kinds of filters:



diesel generator filter is to use special pre filtering device for diesel engine, it can remove more than 90% of the diesel mechanical impurities, colloid and asphaltene, to ensure maximum diesel cleaning, improve the service life of the engine. The unclean diesel oil will cause abnormal wear of engine fuel injection system and cylinder, reduce engine power and fuel consumption, and greatly reduce the service life of generator. With the diesel filter, the filtering accuracy and efficiency of the diesel engine using the felt diesel filter can be greatly improved, and the service life of the imported high-quality diesel filter can be prolonged several times, and the fuel saving effect is obvious. 

How to install a diesel filter: 

diesel filter, installation is extremely simple, only in accordance with the use of reserved oil outlet interface, it can be connected in series on the oil supply pipeline. Note that the arrow shows the direction of the connection, the direction of oil can not be reversed. When the cartridge is first used and replaced, the diesel filter should be filled with diesel and the exhaust shall be taken care of. The exhaust valve is on the end of the barrel.


How to replace the filter:
under normal circumstances, if the pre filter pressure difference alarm or cumulative use of more than 300 hours, which should replace the filter, replace the filter double barrel parallel pre filtering device can not stop.

1, single barrel pre filter filter element replacement: 

A. close the oil inlet valve, open the top cover. (the upper Aluminum Alloy type cap with a flat screwdriver from the side of the notch gently pry); 
B. drain plug unscrew, drain the waste oil; 
C. will loosen fastening nuts at the upper end of the filter, the operator wearing anti oil glove clenched vertical filter, remove the old filter; 
D. new filter, sealed good upper ring pad (lower comes seal), tighten the nut; 
F. tighten the dirt outlet plug, cover cover (note pad ring), good fastening bolt. The replacement of 

2, double barrel parallel pre filter element:
A. to close the inlet valve to replace the filter side filter, a few minutes after closing the valve, and then screw down the cover bolt, open cover; 
B. open the drain valve, completely drained waste oil, waste oil to prevent the replacement of the filter element into the oil chamber 
C. will loosen the fastening nut; the upper end of the filter, the operator wearing anti oil glove clenched vertical filter, remove the old filter; C. new filter, the sealing ring pad good upper (lower comes seal), tighten the nut 
D.; close the drain valve and cover the upper cover (note pad ring) well, on the fastening bolt. 
E. first open the inlet valve, and then open the exhaust valve, when the exhaust valve out of the oil, immediately close the exhaust valve, and then open the oil valve can be; and then the same way to operate the other side of the filter.


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