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Important relationship of engine and oil filter!


Important relationship of engine and oil filter

Oil Filter, it the same as the air conditioning filters,air filters. They are to filter the parts of the car, making the parts can use longer time.

The oil filter also say filter, Act on the engine lubrication system, it is primarily to remove various impurities dirty from the oil, always ensure clean oil to extend engine life. Meanwhile, the oil filter is also used to ensure the good seal and lubrication systems of oil flow unimpeded.

Oil filter effects and functions:

In order to reduce friction between the relatively moving parts in the engine, reducing wear and tear parts, oil is continuously supplied to the friction surfaces of the moving parts, the lubricant film formation, lubrication. Oil contains a certain amount of the oil of gums, impurities, water and additives. At the same time during engine operation, The metal wear debris into the air impurities into the oil, the production of oxides, will increase the impurities in the oil,if the oil without filtration directly into the oil, the oil will impurities in the friction surface to the deputy campaign to speed up parts of the damage.

Oil filter categories:

Oil filters generally have three levels, Oil Filter Set filter, primary oil filter and oil fine filter.

1, Oil Filter Set filter set the filter installed in the pump sump before the general use metal strainer.

2, primary oil filter installed behind the pump, and the main oil series, mainly metal blade type, sawdust Cartridge microporous filter type several, now mainly microporous filter type.

3, Oil fine filter mounted on the rear main oil pump and in parallel, there are microporous filter and rotor. Rotor oil fine filter uses centrifugal filtration, without filter element, effectively solve the conflict between filtration efficiency and oil.

Oil filter is important as the air conditioning, air filter, I believe we have some knowledge and awareness now, and it is also crucial for the engine, the engine oil filter to prolong life and to protect the engine with great dedication. So we have to take good care of the oil filter slightly.

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