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Maintenance of air conditioning filters need to change every year


“Go to the 4S store to check, only to know that the car air conditioning out of the question." The day before yesterday, the owners are very depressed million, he said, the recent hot weather, the car began to use air conditioning, but the smell of a car smell.
Recently, there are many similar problems in the car." The FAW Mazda 4S shop technical director Chen analysis, in fact, the car is most musty air conditioning system in the evaporation tank and condenser caused by improper maintenance, the main reason is that the water evaporation is not a long time, the breeding of bacteria.
Master Chen said, to avoid this problem is very simple. Roll the windows on both sides of the vehicle and open the windows to keep the air fresh. You can open the air conditioner, and then close to natural wind cooling, evaporation will suck the water in the box. However, it should be noted that, when cleaning, do not touch the condenser heat sink, but can not damage the tube. If the components of the refrigeration system or the connecting pipe is damaged, the refrigerant leakage will be caused.
A lot of cars because of the neglect of the automotive air conditioning maintenance, the use of air conditioning, there is a strange smell or contact with other symptoms. Master Chen believes that good air conditioning quality mainly depends on the air filter, in general, every 5000 km or 3 months to do a clean air filter, replace air filter every 20000 km or 12 months.
"The air filter is inside the air inlet filter, if a long time without cleaning, dust adhering to the above will be opened with the air conditioning blowing into the car, regular cleaning the surface of the condenser can make the refrigeration effect of air conditioning system is greatly improved." Master Chen said.

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